Mokokchung, December 17 (MTNews): The NSCN-IM delegation led by its general secretary Thuingaleng Muivah is back to Camp Hebron from Delhi, NPF Legislature Party Leader Azo Nienu said. He informed that while the delegation led by VS Atem returned on December 7, Th Muivah returned on the 13th. Significantly, Neinu informed that the NNPGs held another round of meet with interlocutor AK Mishra on December 8. Neinu added that both the NSCN-IM and NNPGs are on the same page now and the ball is in the court of Government of India to clinch a solution.


In an interview with Northeast Live, Nienu said that the NSCN-IM and the 7 NNPGs’ tone and language have become the same. He said that previously the two parties could not look eye to eye and could not come to a common table to talk but after the signing of the 4th September Joint Accordant and the October meeting in Kolkata, he said that the parties are coming to a “logical conclusion.”


Regarding the Naga Political Issue, Azo said that according to his sources, almost everything has been cleared and the common draft will also be made public. He said, once again, that the ball is now in the court of the central government.


He said that if the government of India is serious about bringing a logical conclusion to the Naga Political Issue, then, this time around, the government of India should table it for the parliament’s approval during the ongoing winter session of parliament which started on 7th December and will end on 29th December.


He stated that if the parliament gives the approval, it will become the instrument or mechanism to withhold the elections. And if it is not tabled, then the election will go on as scheduled, which will show the insincerity of the central government, he said.


He reiterated that, in the previous election, the BJP had gone to election with the slogan that said “Election for Solution” which “we are waiting for till today for that result.” He wondered which slogan the BJP will come up with for the 2023 elections.


On Naga Flag and Constitution


With regards to the contentious issue of the Naga Yehzabo and flag, he said that the Yehzabo will be incorporated in the constitution, which he also said had been previously agreed.

Regarding the flag, Nienu said that he is made to understand that the government of India has permitted the use of the Naga flag as a civil flag.


He said that in a democratic country, “two flags cannot be flown parallelly” and hence the Indian flag will be flown in the government institutions while the Naga flag can be used in any way.


He also said that the two MPs representing the Nagas in the parliament should voice out asking for an early solution in their respective houses. “If they don’t voice it this time around, then when and where will they voice it,” he asked. The Naga public should also question them why the MPs are representing them.


On President’s Rule


In regards to the demand for President’s Rule (PR) in the state, Nienu stated that two good reasons are required to bring about PR in the state, one is mismanagement of finances and the other being law and order.


Regarding law and order, he said “everything is very normal” and with regards to the finances, Nienu said that “there are some hiccups here and there but it hasn’t gone extreme where the PR could be imposed.”


He said that if the solution doesn’t come before elections, then it will take another few years.


He said that elections in Nagaland are very expensive and when candidates throw huge amounts of money for elections and occupy their seats, they may not want to vacate their seats. And so this is the right time to bring about a logical conclusion to the long protracted Naga Political Issue, he concluded.

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