Mokokchung, 01 October (MTNews): Offering a counter-narrative to the arrest of two of its members by the Dimapur Police on Saturday in connection with the kidnapping of Abdul Kayum Talukdar, the Gaon Burah (GB) of New Market Dimapur, the NSCN-IM has issued a press release claiming that the “kidnapping” of New Market GB Abdul Kayum Talukdar was actually a case of cheating.


According to the NSCN-IM, the incident is, in fact, a case of fraud perpetrated by Abdul Kayum Talukdar, who serves as the GB of New Market, Dimapur, and hails from Khatkhuti, Assam.


The dispute in question revolves around a piece of land located in Khatkhuti, Assam, measuring approximately 100 bighas. This land had been purchased by a group of Nagas who, in accordance with normal practices, entrusted it to some Muslim individuals as caretakers (tenants).


As per the NSCN-IM, in the first week of September 2023, the Naga landowners, accompanied by Abdul Kayum Talukdar, visited the property to notify the Muslim tenants of their intent to sell the land and, therefore, requested that they vacate the premises.


Subsequently, a few weeks later, the Naga landowners, along with potential buyers, revisited the land for the purpose of taking measurements. It was at this juncture that the Muslim tenants, upon learning of the presence of the landowners and prospective buyers, reacted with considerable agitation and brandished deadly weapons. They claimed that Abdul Kayum Talukdar had sold them the land and vowed not to relinquish it under any circumstances, “come what may.”


“Somebody was also heard threatening Abdul on phone not to allow the land to be disposed off,” the NSCN-IM said. It also said that the original land documents (patta) are in the possession of the Naga landowners.


The NSCUn-IM said that the Naga landowners repeatedly contacted Abdul Kayum Talukdar. However, he consistently avoided their calls and declined to meet with them. Faced with the urgency of resolving the situation peacefully, the Naga Army personnel were entrusted with the responsibility of bringing Abdul Kayum Talukdar to Hebron, the NSCN-IM said.


The NSCN-IM press release claimed that Talukdar was not blindfolded or tied up, and that he was “just picked up” and they were “on the way to Hebron.”


However, while on the way to Hebron, their vehicle was intercepted by the IRB (Indian Reserve Battalion) for a routine checkup. At this point, Abdul Kayum Talukdar allegedly manipulated the situation by asserting that he had been kidnapped. The NSCN-IM contended that this act exposes a pattern of deceitful behavior by Abdul Kayum Talukdar, with several Nagas falling victim to his fraudulent schemes.


The NSCN-IM also raised the question of how Talukdar, a resident of Khatkhuti, Assam, was made the GB of New Market, Dimapur.


It may be mentioned here that, according to the Deputy Commissioner of Police (Crime) and Public Relations Officer of Dimapur Police, a Maruti Alto car without a registration number was intercepted by Sovima police station personnel while conducting a Mobile Vehicle Check Post (MVCP) at the Singrijan/Selouphe junction on 29 September at 8:50 p.m.


Upon inspecting the Alto, police found four occupants inside. Three of the four admitted to being members of the NSCN-IM, while the fourth was the kidnap victim, Talukdar.


Police rescued Talukdar and arrested the two other NSCN-IM activists, identified as “capt.” Masalepzuk (40) and “lieut.” Isacar Swu (39). A case has been registered against them under relevant sections of law at the East Police Station, Dimapur. One of the three NSCN-IM activists, identified as “capt.” Ahor Tangkhul, escaped under the cover of darkness.

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