The National Socialist Council of Nagalim (NSCN-IM) has reiterated its commitment to pursuing peaceful negotiations and asserting the sovereignty of the Naga people. The statement, released today through its MIP, reflected on the historical struggle and ongoing efforts towards recognition amidst past confrontations and political agreements.

Highlighting the unique history and cultural identity of the Naga people, the NSCN-IM emphasized that verbal acknowledgment alone is insufficient without concrete recognition as sovereign entities. It criticized past attempts to resolve conflicts through military means, asserting that negotiation must accompany any confrontation to achieve lasting solutions.

The NSCN-IM recalled pivotal moments in its struggle, including early confrontations with Indian security forces and subsequent political engagements. It acknowledged the initial cease-fire agreement of 1964 and subsequent negotiations that led to critical agreements, including the Framework Agreement of August 2015. This agreement, it noted, acknowledges the Naga people’s sovereignty and outlines principles of coexistence and shared power.

However, the NSCN-IM expressed concern over past agreements like the 16-point agreement and the Shillong Accord, which they deemed inadequate and rejected by the Naga people. Despite setbacks, it remains steadfast in their support for the Framework Agreement, which it believes hold the key to achieving lasting peace and prosperity in the region.

“The stand of NSCN is loud and clear,” it said, adding, “We will uphold the Framework Agreement at all times.” The NSCN-IM further said that it felt “free and exhilarated when the representatives of the government of India repeatedly assured us saying that they will also abide by the Framework Agreement.”

The NSCN-IM denounced divisive tactics and affirmed the international support it has garnered from parliamentary bodies, human rights organizations, and global communities. It emphasized the indomitable nature of the Naga people’s sovereign rights, rooted in their history and principles.

The NSCN-IM reiterated its commitment to upholding the Framework Agreement, urging the Indian government to honor its principles for the benefit of both parties. It expressed confidence that, with divine guidance, their pursuit of self-determination and sovereignty will ultimately prevail.
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