Mokokchung, 27 October (MTNews): The National Socialist Council of Nagalim (NSCN-IM) has issued a strong response to Advisor Imkong L Imchen for his recent comments regarding the Indo-Naga political issue and criticized him for his shifting political affiliations. The NSCN-IM accused Imchen as a political opportunist who has shifted his allegiance multiple times for personal gain, ultimately landing in the BJP’s camp and criticizing the former’s negotiators of Indo-Naga political issue “with the tongue of unhealthy or decayed mind.”

The NSCN-IM highlighted Imchen’s political journey, noting that he initially supported the Congress party in the 1990s and was openly opposed to the Naga political movement led by the NSCN-IM. However, he later joined the NPF (Naga People’s Front) and expressed support for the Naga movement under the leadership of Isak Chishi Swu and Th. Muivah. The NSCN-IM accused Imchen of being an opportunist who switched his allegiance to the BJP after being denied an NNDP (Nationalist Democratic Progressive Party) ticket. This change, according to the NSCN-IM, revealed his true colors and his willingness to align with NNPGs (Naga National Political Groups), who it said have gained the notoriety for willingly accepting to function under the “patronage system” or “spoils system” as plotted by government of India agency to counterweight the bona fide political leadership of NSCN-IM.

Furthermore, the NSCN-IM criticized Imchen for engaging in divisive politics that it considers harmful to the Naga people. The NSCN-IM asserted its determination to continue its efforts in the Indo-Naga political talks, undeterred by “unethical critics like Imkong.”

The NSCN expressed disappointment in Imchen’s transformation since joining the BJP, especially regarding his comments about the Framework Agreement. The NSCN-IM claimed that Imchen had sought their support in the past but has since taken a negative stance against them, showing his “shockingly audacious behavior.”

“NSCN at no point of time has taken any step to deviate from the Framework Agreement as bewilderingly alleged by Imkong. It is unthinkable that NSCN will betray Naga people by going against the Framework Agreement wherein the sovereign identity of the Nagas is well protected,” the NSCN-IM maintained.

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It may be mentioned here that Imkong L Imchen had on 23 October said that the NSCN-IM agreed to a Framework Agreement with the Government of India but has subsequently objected to their own agreement. He also said, “We do not understand why they are objecting to their own agreement. We only understand that they are not interested in bringing about a settlement.”

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