The NSCN/GPRN Yung-Aung group NSCN-K (YA) has strongly rejected what they term as “baseless and misguided political remarks” made by the expelled Angmai group recently published in the local media. According to NSCN-K (YA), the expelled members are deemed “least qualified to address Naga sovereignty and nationalism, let alone represent the revered Naga issue.” These sentiments were conveyed through a press release issued by the MIP of NSCN-K (YA).

“The NSCN/GPRN have been patiently dealing with these individuals giving them ample time to realize their mistakes while equally cautious of our enemy’s due advantage of the situation. It is a matter of regret that they stubbornly stood their ground,” the statement read.

Further, NSCN-K (YA) contended that had Angmai genuinely followed in the footsteps of the late Chairman SS Khaplang, as he claims, the present situation could have been averted. “We all affirm to walk in the legacy of the past Naga leaders including Baba Khaplang whose political vision is to free every Nagas from the yoke of our oppressors and not fight against each other,” the statement continued.

Acknowledging Angmai’s prolonged service to the nation and his tenure as Khaplang’s personal secretary for two decades, NSCN-K (YA) recognized his potential and experience to further Khaplang’s legacy. However, they lamented that personal shortcomings hindered his national service. “His present venture into the unknown completely negates Baba’s revolutionary principles because division and fratricide is never Baba’s dream. Today he has chosen a wrong place, a wrong time and a wrong group of people to reinstate his political career,” NSCN- K (YA) added.

The statement further maintained that President Yung Aung has always maintained that he does not harbour any personal grudge against Angmai, Nyeiton, Langnyei nor anyone else. “The differences are solely political due to which they have been expelled by the party. These differences, if remained unchecked on time, could have a colossal negative impact for the People’s struggle,” the statement emphasized.

NSCN-KYA alleged that expelled individuals and habitual defectors are driven purely to pursue their own business and fantasies and to fulfill the desire of the adversaries.

“And unfortunately the desire is to turn the serene atmosphere of eastern Nagaland into a killing field. Hence it is never surprising when these people announced their decision to hop into the Indian dictated peace wagon.

Their compass points only towards New Delhi and they had no other option. They had no political principle rather than contempt and hatred for their fellow Nagas and amassing wealth in the name of the people. Nagas must never allow such rogue nationalists to toy around with our divine struggle,” the statement asserted.

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