Mokokchung, 2 August (MTNews): The Chairman of the Konyak Region of NSCN-Reformation (Akato), identified as Temzei from Wangla village, Tizit, under the Mon district of Nagaland, was allegedly beaten to death by members of the rival group NSCN-IM.


According to sources, four members of NSCN-Reformation (Akato) were “apprehended” by NSCN-IM cadres on 30 July 2023 in Tizit for allegedly engaging in illegal tax collection activities. The arrested cadres, including the Chairman, were reportedly subjected to torture during their custody under NSCN-IM.


Reports indicate that Temzei succumbed to physical torture inflicted by the NSCN-IM members, and his lifeless body was subsequently dumped at Namsa, Tizit, while the remaining three cadres are still under NSCN-IM custody.


NSCN-R (Akato) condemns brutal abduction and murder of the chairman; calls for retaliation against perpetrators

The NSCN-Reformation (Akato Chophy) expressed shock and outrage over the incident in which four of its active members, including three civil officials and one Naga Army personnel, were subjected to merciless violence allegedly by the NSCN (IM). The tragic incident resulted in the brutal death of the incumbent Chairman of its Konyak Region, Late Temzei Konyak (Dy Kilonser), while the fate of the other three abducted members – Honchai Konyak (Tatar), Talem Konyak (Leacy), and Captain Wanglem Konyak – remains unknown. The NSCN-Reformation fears that the others may have met the same fate.


According to NSCN-R (Akato Chophy), the “abhorrent and disgusting” incident took place at Lapalampong village under Tizit Area when the Late Chairman, accompanied by some staff, was en route to meet members of the Konyak Union when they were targeted by the NSCN (IM). According to the NSCN/GPRN, the NSCN (IM) – whom they described as pseudo revolutionaries masquerading as Naga Nationalists but known to be mercenaries – unleashed violence, exposing what they call the true colors of “trigger-happy, blood-thirsty thugs.”


The NSCN-Reformation expressed deep concern over the implications of this incident on the peace efforts in the region. It emphasized that the organization has been striving to uphold the resolution passed by the Eastern Naga Peoples’ Organization (ENPO), Konyak Union (KU), and other civil society organizations, urging all Naga Political Groups (NPGs) to avoid factional clashes. The NSCN-Reformation urged the ENPO, KU, and other civil society groups to take appropriate measures against the NSCN (IM) for violating the peace resolution and undermining the collective efforts for tranquility and harmony.


In response to the act of violence, the NSCN-Reformation asserted its commitment to defend its integrity and prioritize the desires of the Naga people. However, it also warned that it will not hesitate to retaliate in the face of threats, intimidation, or unprovoked attacks. The organization, being an armed group, claimed to possess sufficient resources and capabilities to respond forcefully to any sinister intent perpetrated by adversaries and outside forces.


“Any such misdemeanor and misadventure perpetuated by any forces in trying to test our strength will eventually be met with a head-on collision, backed by unfathomable and aggressive stance for restitution and redressal, at any cost,” it added.

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