NSF honors sacrifices of Naga Heroes, calls for restoration of historical and political rights

Mokokchung, 5 September (MTNews): On the solemn occasion of the 63rd Anniversary of ‘Pochury Black Day,’ the Naga Students’ Federation (NSF) reaffirmed the Naga people’s right to self-determination while paying homage to the sacrifices made during the Naga struggle for sovereignty. The federation remembered the tragic events of 6 September 1960, when the Pochury region witnessed atrocities and torture inflicted upon innocent villagers by the Indian Armed Forces.


In a statement signed by the newly elected President, Medovi Rhi, and General Secretary, Chumben Khuvung, the NSF recalled the historical context of the Pochury Black Day. In 1960, the Naga Army shot down an Indian Air Force plane, leading to the capture of four pilots and five crew members by the Naga Army. Notably, these captives were treated humanely and released through the Indian Red Cross Society. However, the Indian Army’s rescue operations resulted in the burning of many villages and widespread atrocities against innocent villagers in the Pochury region.


The NSF expressed deep reverence for visionary leaders and heroes of the past who sacrificed their lives for the Naga struggle for self-determination and bestowed the legacy of a sovereign Naga nation. The federation also extended gratitude and solidarity to the present nationalists who have dedicated their lives in pursuing the Naga people’s aspirations, emphasizing that sovereignty and integration are a divine vision.


The federation reiterated the Naga people’s right to self-determination, rooted in the unique history, culture, and political goals, as declared on 14 August 1947, and reaffirmed through the Naga National Plebiscite on 16 May 1951 under AZ Phizo. They urged the Indian government to fulfill its commitment, made during the Prime Minister’s visit to the United Arab Emirates in 2015, by restoring the historical and political rights of the Naga people.


On this day, the NSF joined the larger Naga community in celebrating the younger Naga generation and their pursuit of peace. They paid tribute to comrades who sacrificed their lives protecting the interests of the younger Naga generation. “It is our conviction that we shall continue to celebrate their legacy, their lives and their memories through the pages of History, in our everyday lives and through occasions such as today,” the NSF added.



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