In commemoration of the birth anniversary of hockey legend Major Dhyanchand, National Sports Day was observed with great fervor at the Nagaland University (NU) headquarters Lumami on 29 August. The event also marked a special felicitation program dedicated to the exemplary sports personalities of Nagaland. Additionally, a marathon race competition was also organized for the university students.




Deputy Director of Sports, Dr Harish K Tiwari, highlighted the significance of the day and announced the felicitation of distinguished sports figures from Nagaland, whose dedication and achievements have brought pride to the state.


According to an update received here, the felicitation recipients included Venuzo Dawhuo (Judo Medallist & Wrestling), Bendangakum (Mixed Martial Art), and Longtsukumba (Kung Fu & Karate).


The event was honored by the presence of N Albert Khizho (Registrar i/c) as the Chief Guest, and Dr Rumi Dhar as the event’s host.

The successful execution of the day’s festivities was made possible through the dedicated efforts of the staff members of the Sports section.

The National Sports Day celebration at Nagaland University’s Lumami campus not only paid homage to a legendary sports figure but also showcased the spirit of recognition and appreciation for the contemporary sports icons hailing from Nagaland.


Mokokchung Times

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