Thank you Hon’ble Speaker for giving me time to make few observation on the budget speech of our Hon’ble Chief Minister also in-charge of Finance. I will mainly confine to one or two paras on our common core concern – the political issue.

Hon’ble Chief Minister candidly replied to queries on his Excellency Governor’s speech, that the “Naga Political” issue had figured in all the previous Houses proceeding again and again but No Solution till today. Such repetitive futile exercises made in all the previous occasions has certainly been very depressing and wondering what the colossal waste of time and resources. In para (6) if we go word by word, it is a statement of despair in spite of many sincere efforts made from the elected members as “Facilitators in the Peace Talks “. The last sentence says, “ yet a conclusive outcome continue to elude us. That is sincere, honest admission of helplessness which is disturbing. I wonder whether this 14 House which is Opposition- less with the hope of undisturbed concentration on finding a solution to our chronic century old Naga political problem.

Every Naga whether National Worker (UG) or over ground are almost always pre-occupied with Naga Political issues which has effected our work as well as thinking process.

As we know over nearly a century, the Nagas have suffered so much by sacrificing the finest young people, the livelihood earning, mental, physical tortures, endured tremendous suffering over the years with the hope of better dream future. But today where do we stand.

Today our Nagas mind is full of contradictions and thoroughly exhausted. The National Workers have also lost their direction – their support based has been eroded.

The Naga journey on Freedom Movement has gone weary. The entire Naga are suffering from fatigue syndrome. Naga started with the lofty idea and dream of Freedom as one people, “A Nation in the making” that is what we were made to believe. Even in the recent Shisahoho sponsored Reconciliation meet recently has emphasized on “One people and one common destiny” Over the years the Naga Leaders missed a lot of opportunity to bring about a solution which could have been tremendous advantage to the Nagas. Such as proposal of Crown Colony (to be looked after from White Hall) – Sir Robert Reid, Governor of Assam. Sir Coupland – Constitutional expert from England who visited India just before the India Independence suggested “ Trust Territory “consist of Naga living in undivided India and Burma then, that could have been wonderful to be looked after from New Delhi and Rangoon jointly. Naga Leaders opposed it saying that “ British should leave us when they left India (V. Edwin 1961) and Ramuney also quoted. Other British officers who served in Naga Hills notably Hutton, C.R. Pawsey (the last British D.C of Kohima during the World War II) had all supported a separate territory for the Nagas. It was said that if only the then Naga Leaders lean support to such proposal, it could have been a reality.

The Statehood had created more politically divide problem between Nagas of Nagaland and Nagas outside. Statehood supported were considered traitors supporting India against Naga interest. Thereby Political assassination of the Naga by the Naga started with the killing of Dr. Imkongliba, President of Naga Convention Leaders in open daylight at Mokokchung.

During the 1st Ceasefire in 1965 and Political negotiation thereon, with the then Prime Minister of India Late Mrs. Indira Gandhi, Naga demanded full Sovereign status against her offer of almost Semi-Independent status within the framework of Indian Union. All those opportunities were missed, Today Nagas are confused with a bundle of contradictions. We talk so much about Unity, Naga as one people but practice division on Tribal line and emphasis on distinctive characteristic of each tribe as their identity instead of Naga as a common goal and identity. We talk so much of integration but actively indulged in dis-integration.

Civil Society is divided in the line of each Hoho’s, Churches are divided, National Workers (UG) are divided into many factions. They now broadly divided into two group Framework Agreement Group on 3rd August, 2015″ lead by GPRN (IM) and “Agreed Points “on 2017 by 8 NNPG’s sponsorship – there cannot be two final solution. Naga public are also divided, further – ENPO consist of 6 district are vigorously campaigning for the creation of Frontier State which is contrary to the wishes of all other Nagas.

In this scenario, how can the Naga achieve “ an Inclusive, Honorable and Acceptable peaceful solution to the Naga problem “. That seems to become an outdated goal of the past. In this Scenario, do we continue to appeal to all the stake-holders to overcome their differences and obstacles for a final solution?

Now then the question is what do we do as an Elected Representative of the United Nagaland Assembly. One never know we may not be sitting in the same House from the near future if the ENPO fulfills the dream of Frontier Naga State. It seems an era of Naga disbursement is happening, like that of Tower of Babel construction or the Israelites lost tribes issue which they are expecting to come together some days back to Israel before the dooms day come.

The consultative committee members of the Assembly as well as other members should take cognizant of this changed scenario and Naga mindset and think of new approach and strategy to arrest the forces of dis-integration. Otherwise, formation of an opposition-less Government which is not in line with the principle of Democracy will be meaningless.


Almost related issue of politics – FMR para (5) is another serious issue which will have far reaching effect on the life of the Nagas along the Indo – Myanmar Border area.

The post- colonial demarcation of boundary between India-Burma (then) has done a great injustice to the people. When the arbitrary line as boundary was drawn up without the knowledge of the poor peaceful people dividing their land by erecting pillars as International boundary.

Realizing the injustice done, a free movement device by both the Governments allowing free movement within 25 mile (40 km) on either side of the boundaries and later reduced to 16 km. That was somehow accepted thereby allowing limited free movement among the same family and community as before from the time immemorial. That has been necessary for not only social inter-action but earning a livelihood together.

If such extreme measure of erecting a permanent structure is done, it may have a negative reaction on the Naga people along the boundary as well as from other tribes of the Nagas.

The recent log pulling event in Longwa village, Mon has clearly demonstrated two important elements :- (a) Injustice done to the indigenous people in the border by the arbitrary boundary line passing through in the middle of the Angh dwelling house is a clear evidence. (b) Four Angh’s from Myanmar, Arunachal Pradesh and Nagaland Chief Minister (Naga Angh) had attended to celebrate the Social-Cultural, traditional event that continue from the forefather. So, the Arbitrary fencing is a great injustice to the Nagas in the Border.

We know that Naga insurgency issue is nearly a century old but there has never been serious threat of their movement nor drug smuggling and other illegal Immigrant in large scale along the Naga Territorial Area. It is a historically and politically illogical move as stated by Gautam Mukha Padhya, former Indian Ambasador in Myanmar between 2013-16. It is a human right violation against the United Nation (UN) universal declaration of Human Rights where India and Myanmar are also signatory. The proposed fencing will therefore be total violation of these provisions.

The problem in Manipur frontier or Mizoram are different than the Naga. Just because the problem in Manipur border area is confronted with such problem lately due to their Internal problem, it need not be the same situation in other areas. So it should treated differently. Problem are not same, so the solution need not be same. Thus, Fencing maybe a good solution in Manipur but it may be unsuitable in Naga Areas. Otherwise it may have a serious negative repercussion. Such extreme measure may create much bigger problem of even renewing the hostile attitude of the people.

Other possible alternative must be explored. We may send a Disapproval Resolution of the House to Ministry of Home Affair, Government of India.

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