Skill development is crucial for economic growth as it equips individuals with relevant skills, transforming them into productive contributors to industries, fostering innovation and efficiency. This leads to higher employment rates, reduced poverty, and overall economic prosperity.

The Government Industrial Training Institute (ITI) Mokokchung is a vital institution offering a comprehensive two-year program in six key subjects: electronics, electrician, computer operator and programming assistant, stenography, civil, and mechanical. The institute also provides short-term courses and vocational training for students who have completed class 8 in fields such as electrician, carpenter, plumber, motor and mechanic, and hair and skin care. These programs aim to enhance the practical skills and employability of young individuals in the district.

Mokokchung is fortunate to have such a facility. Since its inception in 2005, the institute has successfully trained around 1,200 individuals, equipping them with the necessary technical skills and knowledge to excel in their respective fields. With admissions for the 2024-2025/26 session now open, we must encourage our youths to seize the opportunity to enroll.

It is essential to ensure that this institute is not underutilized. The comprehensive training provided at ITI Mokokchung can significantly contribute to the socio-economic development of the district. By encouraging more youngsters to enroll and train at the institute, we can create a skilled workforce that meets the demands of various industries, thereby reducing unemployment and underemployment, and stimulating economic growth and stability in Mokokchung and beyond.

Having a large skilled population is advantageous in several ways. It fuels economic growth by meeting the demands of diverse industries, enhances productivity and innovation, reduces unemployment rates, and furthers competitiveness in the market. Moreover, skilled individuals contribute to societal development through higher incomes, improved standards of living, and enhanced social stability.

Encouraging our youngsters to undergo vocational training at ITI Mokokchung empowers them by providing the skills to become self-reliant and economically independent. It also stimulates entrepreneurial activities, as trained individuals are more likely to start their own businesses, further boosting the local economy. In today’s scenario, skilling is often more beneficial than formal education for many because it offers practical, hands-on experience that directly prepares individuals for the workforce, addressing industry needs for specific skills and promoting quicker career entry.

Respecting individuals who pursue skill development training is as crucial as honoring those in formal education. Both paths uniquely contribute to societal advancement. Recognizing the value of both ensures a balanced workforce, promotes inclusivity, and empowers individuals to pursue diverse career paths that collectively strengthen the community and economy.

It is imperative that we support and promote ITI Mokokchung as a community to maximize its potential. By doing so, we can ensure long-term socio-economic benefits for Mokokchung.


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