Overcome communal pride and hate, FNR urges leaders of communities

Mokokchung, 7 May (MTNews): The Forum for Naga Reconciliation (FNR) has urged leaders of the communities to overcome communal pride and hate, while calling for practicing critical empathy to begin the healing for a torn people.


“Our imagination defies the reality of the situation in Manipur—the tears, pain and suffering. We empathize and pray for fellow brothers and sisters,” FNR stated ina press release received here on Sunday. “The Forum for Naga Reconciliation (FNR) is moved and persuaded by a sense of urgency and solidarity in the immediate situation of Manipur State. We detest what has happened. Conflicts are tragic and they are not to be desired,” it said.


It invited all “to the place of the bereaved, profound hurt, loss of properties, suffering and bitterness, to rise to the occasion that we act with love.”


“Our love will reveal purposefulness, yearning for peace and camaraderie among the people of common dwellings,” FNR expressed.


“To understand and act towards human healing, one must preserve hope between rage and hate, between ‘us’ and ‘they’,” FNR said, and implored the community leaders to consciously accept the suffering of this time, “making the cry of the victims to be our own groans and sufferings and urgently answer the call to healing.”


“This is FNR’s hope for a torn people,” it added, saying it earnestly believes in the coming together of communities by giving peace a chance. “Let us therefore, practice CRITICAL EMPATHY with all the precious people of our region. When we recognize this option, healing begins,” FNR said.


FNR said that people can be transformed. “We and our enemies can be changed,” it said, and quoted Romans 13:!2 from the Bible, “The night is past, the day is coming near, let us finally do what we should.”
FNR also offered solidarity, good will and prayers to all in Manipur state.

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