Chumoukedima, 13 April (MTNews): BJP National President JP Nadda stated today that the Northeast is undergoing a significant transformation. He remarked that Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s vision for the Northeast extends beyond ‘Act East’, aiming to make the region a ‘Gateway to South Asia and East Asia’.

BJP Nadda
BJP National President JP Nadda addressing the NDA election rally on 13 April, Chümoukedima

Speaking at an NDA rally today at Agri Expo Chumukedima in support of the People’s Democratic Alliance (PDA) consensus candidate, Dr Chumben Murry, Nadda said that Modi has changed the culture, definition, style, and approach of politics.

He noted that under Congress rule, the Northeast experienced division, but under BJP-NDA governance, it has been transformed into a ‘DevINE model’. He highlighted Prime Minister Modi’s allocation of a significant amount of Rs 6,600 crore for the PM-DevINE model in the Northeast. DevINE stands for “Prime Minister’s Development Initiative for North East Region”.

Nadda mentioned that 11 peace accords have been signed in the Northeast, leading to the surrender of 9,500 insurgents, a 71% reduction in insurgency incidents, a 60% reduction in attacks on security forces, and an 82% reduction in attacks on the civilian population of Nagaland and the Northeast.

He also pointed out that the Framework Agreement was signed on 3 August 2015, and the agreed position and protection were discussed on 17 November 2017 between the Naga Political Groups and the GOI. Nadda assured the people that should Narendra Modi become Prime Minister for a third term, the accord would be progressed in real-time to ensure all-round peace and development.

Nadda stated that Nagaland and other Northeast regions are rapidly developing and integrating into the country’s mainstream. He criticized Congress for misusing their opportunity to serve in Nagaland, highlighting their lack of respect for the people and their aspirations.

Nadda criticized that the Congress hindered the progress and prosperity of Nagaland with its approach of “Get the votes, and Forget the Public”. This neglectful strategy has resulted in the Congress party not holding a single seat in the State Legislative Assembly of Nagaland.

He described the INDI Alliance whether it’s the Congress, TMC, BRS, DMK, NCP (SCP), or Shiv Sena (UBT), all are under a cloud of corruption, with leaders either facing corruption charges in court or out on bail. Nadda concluded by expressing enthusiasm and confidence in the people of Nagaland’s decision to support the BJP.

Nadda underscored that PM Modi has visited the Northeast 72 times, surpassing the combined visits of all previous Prime Ministers. Nadda highlighted that PM Narendra Modi has referred to the Northeast as ‘Ashtalakshmi’ and ‘Ashtaadhar’, symbolizing eight areas of progress: peace, power generation, tourism, 5G connectivity, development and preservation of culture, natural farming, sports, and enhancement of potential.

While concluding his remarks, Nadda appealed to the voters to support Dr Chumben Murry and ensure the victory of the NDPP-BJP government in the state.

During the event, Nagaland CM Neiphiu Rio, Deputy Chief Ministers Y Patton and TR Zeliang, BJP State President Benjamin Yepthomi, PDA candidate Dr Chumben Murry and several other leaders were present.

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