Kohima, January 30 (MTNews): The Governor of Nagaland has through an order designated all officers and ranks of Nagaland Police from DGP/AGDP/IGP/CP/SP up to the level of Head Constables and Constables including Home Guards as election-related officials for Section 28A of the Representation of People Act 1951 till the completion of the General Election to the Nagaland Legislative Assembly 2023.


This is in pursuance of the standing instruction of the Election Commission of India order dated October 24, 1994 and letter dated January 10, 1998 and consequent on the announcement of General Election to Nagaland Legislative Assembly, 2023 by Election Commission of India.


“The police official as stated above who are involved in any way in election-related arrangements and perform duties in connection with the conduct of the General Election to the Nagaland Legislative Assembly, 2023 are by law, officers of the Election Commission, being deemed to be deputation to it, and are subject to its control, superintendence, and discipline and as such are answerable to the Election Commission for any acts of commission or omission on their part while performing any election-related duties,” the order stated.

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