Mokokchung, 13 April (MTNews): Police in Mokokchung have registered a case against three middle-aged men at Police Station-2 who were apprehended for possession of contraband items on the night of 12 April.

brown sugar mokokchung
Suspected contraband brown sugar seized from the possession of the trio on 12 April.

According to reports, a 46-year old resident of Yimyu ward was caught in possession of two soap cases and three small tobacco pods containing brown sugar. The other two men, a 56-year old resident of Anentzübo Sector, Mokokchung Village and a 54-year old resident of Artang Ward, Mokokchung were also apprehended in connection with the same case.

Incidentally, all three men are reported to be government employees.

Meanwhile, Bendangwati, Chairman of Yimyu Ward, Mokokchung, has urged residents of the ward to remain vigilant against such illicit activities. He emphasized the importance of maintaining the cleanliness and reputation of the ward and stressed the need for unity and cooperation among residents to prevent any further incidents that could tarnish its image. Further, he encouraged everyone to report any suspicious behavior to the authorities to ensure the safety and well-being of the community.

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