Mokokchung, February 6 (MTNews): Unidentified miscreants vandalized a house in Mokokchung town Monday evening in what is suspected to be election related violence. According to a police source, the incident happened in Salangtem Ward at around 10:30 PM to 11:00 PM where two persons were reportedly injured and the house ransacked. The house was stated to be the transit camp of a candidate who arrived this evening to file his nomination papers tomorrow. However, the candidate was not there when the incident happened.


Seen in the image is the house that was vandalized by unidentified miscreants on Monday evening. Two persons were injured in the incident.


Police said that they rushed to the scene after receiving information of the incident from a reliable source. Citing the statement of the victims, police said that around 20 or more masked miscreants overwhelmed the 4 or 5 people who were there in the house before ransacking and damaging some furniture and kitchenware. The two injured were taken to hospital to receive medical attention, police said.



Police at the crime scene said that further investigation would be initiated without any delay and that FIR would be lodged.

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