President’s Rule in Manipur the only choice for the Center | K. Therie

President’s Rule is the only choice to bring back normalcy in Manipur. There is nothing more serious than losing 54 precious lives, injuring over 150 with many missing and property worth thousands of crores of rupees destroyed, 26 Villages were burnt down, shops and properties destroyed and looted, people displaced with many under illegal detention. The centuries old relation of living as one loving family has been destroyed.


Destroying Churches is most unbecoming, particularly in the context of the Northeast. We have lived happily for centuries by appreciating each other’s religions, cultures and customs. The wound is too deep and healing will take decades if not a century.


The Center’s intervention is appreciated. Return to normalcy cannot be expected with the culprit remaining at the helm of affairs. Hon’ble CM of Manipur Shri N Biren Singh as leader of the House has to own moral responsibility for the breakdown. He is answerable. He cannot blame exparte-judgement for it cannot be without his consent or knowledge. The people have lost confidence that they are safe under his leadership.


The only option of the Central Government is to urgently arrest the unrest and restore normalcy with President’s Rule and win back the confidence of the people.


We are small communities living in the Northeast with a common truth that we cannot separate. We are no longer individual communities in isolation because of intermarriage. We are neighbours and will be neighbours forever more. I am deeply pained by the losses. They made sacrifices for our tomorrow. It is a painful lesson.


– K. Therie

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