We launched this newspaper jat a time when the broader news sector was reducing its print presence in favor of digital platforms. It was a bold risk for our small team. As the only English-language print publication to launch in Mokokchung, it might have been valid to question whether we had any idea what we were doing.

More than two years later, we continue to deliver a daily newspaper brimming with genuine news, buoyed by the unwavering support of our esteemed readers, a debt of gratitude we’ll forever acknowledge. While we enjoy sharing articles and resources online (through our Instagram, Facebook, X, and website, which reach over a million users monthly), we’ve developed a special connection with our print readers and feel incredibly proud of what we’re able to create with newsprint and ink.

We believe there’s something special about physically holding and reading a print newspaper. The fact that you are reading this column tells us that you might feel the same way.

As someone once said, newspapers cannot be defined by the second word — paper. They’ve got to be defined by the first word — news. As far as Nagaland is concerned, all the important ‘news’ is happening in Kohima, Dimapur, and thereabouts. Nevertheless, we have been able to publish this newspaper all this while because of your support. Thank you for helping us in publishing Mokokchung’s own English-language newspaper.

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