Niuland, 9 August (MTNews): Addressing a gathering that included district administration and education officials at the DC Conference Hall in Niuland, Dr Kekhrielhoulie Yhome, Advisor for School Education & SCERT, said that private schools in Nagaland earn crores of rupees annually. Dr Yhome shared his observations during a brief program conducted as part of his visit to the SDEO (Sub-Divisional Education Officer) office in Niuland.


Advisor for School Education & SCERT, Dr Kekhrielhoulie Yhome with HoDs during coordination meeting at DC Conference Hall, Niuland on 9 August. (Photo: IA Niuland)


Dr Yhome emphasized the need to encourage enrollment in government schools as a means to uplift rural livelihoods and bolster the regional economy. He acknowledged that while government schools employ well-trained and highly paid teachers, the absence of government teachers in certain institutions has led many students to opt for private schools.


He also talked about the ongoing authentication drive, an integral facet of the Teachers Attendance Monitoring System (TAMS) under the Nagaland Education Project – The Lighthouse (NECTA) which aims to ascertain the precise count of employees within the education department.


“This initiative is to know the exact number of employment in the department so that proper rationalization/redeployment of teachers and staffs can take place in the department,” he said.


DC Sara S Jamir, SDEO Niuland Erali Swu and other officers also apprised the advisor regarding the needs and inconvenience of the education department in the district.

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