Chare, 9 August (MTNews): A social initiative entitled “Project Constitutional Justice” has been launched in Chare, Tuensang, to raise awareness and advocate for improved road conditions and other social issues in Chare town and the surrounding areas. The project is in collaboration with SMDC Government High School, Chare, Tuensang, in conjunction with the proactive engagement of the citizens of Chare Town and the adjacent areas.


The primary objective of “Project Constitutional Justice” is to shed light on the deteriorated, worst road conditions that have been affecting the residents of Chare town and the adjacent region. By uniting efforts, SMDC Government High School, Chare, and the proactive citizens of Chare Town and adjacent areas seek to amplify their voices, call attention to the pressing issue of inadequate road infrastructure, and restore their constitutional rights.


A road in deteriorated condition in Chare Tuensang. (Photo: Project Constitutional Justice)


Dr Aniruddha Babar, Assistant Professor at Tetso College, Dimapur, has been spearheading this community-driven initiative with assistance from Haiguing Kuame, his student and Project Assistant, a dedicated third-semester political science student at Tetso College.


With Dr Aniruddha’s knowledge in the field of law and social justice, the project is committed to making a positive impact on the lives of the residents of Chare Town and adjacent regions.


Throughout the duration of the project, a concerted effort was made to highlight the dire and impassable state of the roads in the Chare area. This was accomplished through a series of impactful video recordings, capturing the real-life conditions faced by local residents.


Additionally, interviews were conducted with a diverse range of individuals, including local students, women, senior citizens, the Gaonbura (village head), senior teacher, and pastor. These interviews provided firsthand accounts of the challenges posed by the poor road infrastructure, showcasing the impact on daily life, education, and overall community well-being.


“‘Project Constitutional Justice’ serves as an exemplar of community-driven collaboration, demonstrating the power of collective action in addressing critical issues. The project not only sheds light on the pressing matter of road conditions but also highlights the spirit of resilience and unity within the Chare community,” Project Director for Project Constitutional Justice, Dr Aniruddha, said.


He further added, “The ambitious ‘Project Constitutional Justice’ shall continue to engage with more social issues and cover more areas in Eastern Nagaland beyond Chare Town and the adjacent region.”

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