The Additional Deputy Commissioner of Pughoboto has banned the dumping of plastic and other wastes into the Tapu (Doyang) River and its tributaries. The ADC stated that Pughoboto Sub-Division, being an upstream settlement through which the Doyang River flows, accumulates plastic and other non-biodegradable pollutants, which are carried downstream by the river.

In this regard, the District Administration has appealed to all individuals, organizations, towns, and villages under Pughoboto to ensure that the stretch of the Tapu River along the Sub-Division is protected from anthropogenic pollution and to avoid littering with and disposing of plastic and other waste, commonly associated with picnics and gatherings along the riverbanks.

The District Administration also encouraged and appealed to all citizens to act as guardians of natural resources by consciously preventing river and environmental pollution. It also informed that government authorities will take action against any individuals or groups found engaging in practices that cause pollution of the Tapu River within Pughoboto Sub-Division.

Mokokchung Times

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