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Mokokchung, 16 January (MTNews): Congress MP Rahul Gandhi, who restarted his Bharat Jodo Nyay Yatra from Kohima, Nagaland, emphasized the need for equality among all citizens, irrespective of the size of their state. Addressing the crowd on the third day of his Yatra, Gandhi stated, “It doesn’t matter if you’re from a small state; you should feel equal to all other people in the country.”

Rahul Gandhi yatra bus Kohima
Rahul Gandhi speaking to a crowd from his Yatra bus in Kohima on Tuesday, 16 January.

Earlier in the day, Gandhi paid tribute to martyrs at the Kohima War Cemetery, marking a solemn moment in his Yatra.

Speaking on the Indo-Naga political issue during a press briefing in Chiephobozou, Rahul Gandhi expressed perplexity, stating, “I have been speaking to quite a few Naga leaders and they are perplexed as to why no progress has been made. We are not even clear about what the Prime Minister envisioned in terms of a solution. It’s a superficial document… It’s not clear what exactly they mean… Clearly, there is a problem that needs resolution and that is a problem that will require conversation, listening to each other and working on implementing a solution. That is lacking as far as the PM is concerned… I do make the sense that PM promises things without thinking them through… I get this sense that people are disturbed that the Prime Minister’s credibility is on the line and nothing has happened for 9 years.”

Meanwhile, Congress leader Jairam Ramesh criticized PM Modi, citing challenging road conditions in Nagaland. Ramesh remarked, “The third day of Bharat Jodo Nyay Yatra will soon begin from Viswema near Kohima. Meanwhile, going from last night’s campsite to the starting point of the journey via NH29 is a punishment in itself. The ground realities are far from the Prime Minister’s claims.”

The Congress leader also paused briefly at Tseminyu district and was warmly welcomed by a massive crowd in Wokha district, where cheers of love echoed in the Wokha main town Police Point.

The Yatra is scheduled to pause for the night in Chukitong, Wokha. It is slated to recommence from VK Town, Zunheboto, at 9 am, with an anticipated arrival in Mokokchung at 10 am.

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