Mokokchung, 12 June (MTNews): In the aftermath of the conclusion of the Combined Technical Services Examination, the Nagaland Public Service Commission (NPSC) has come under pressure to re-conduct exams for various subjects.


The Combined Technical Association of Nagaland (CTAN) has specifically called for a re-examination of two papers: Civil Engineering diploma paper 1 and paper 2, while the Naga Students’ Federation (NSF) has called for re-examination for the post of Motor Vehicle Inspector.


According to the CTAN, an alarming number of questions in these papers were found to be repeated or copied from civil engineering (degree) question papers that were held on 6 June 2023. Specifically, 84 questions from paper 1 and 73 questions from paper 2 were identified as being copied from the previous year’s question papers.


The association has appealed to the concerned authorities to thoroughly investigate the matter and take necessary actions for a re-examination at the earliest. Additionally, the CTAN has demanded the normalization of marks or a re-examination of the civil engineering (degree) 2023 papers, as 22 questions in paper 1 and 54 questions in paper 2 were copied from the CESE 2022 papers.


Expressing concern over the trend of copying previous year’s question papers or relying on single objective books, the CTAN has urged the NPSC to be more responsible in conducting examinations. They emphasize that this practice is not new and is observed across all branches under the NPSC Combined Technical Services Examination (CTSE). With the intention of ensuring justice and equality for all aspirants, the CTAN has urged the commission to exercise its authority and provide the best possible solution to address this matter promptly.


In a similar vein, the Naga Students’ Federation (NSF) has also demanded a re-conduct of the aforementioned examination for the post of Motor Vehicle Inspector following a formal complaint from candidates who appeared for the exam.


According to the NSF, Diploma holders of the Automobile Engineering Branch have raised concerns regarding anomalies in paper 2 of the examination. The complaint alleges that the Automobile Diploma students were deprived of equal opportunity and fairness in the examination, as questions were asked from other branches of engineering that were outside the prescribed syllabus set by the commission.


The NSF stated, “We were made to understand that question nos. 1 to 30 were asked from the survey diploma course which has no connection with the automobile course. Also, 3 questions, i.e., No. 87, 89, and 113, were repeated in Question No. 97, 95, and 117, respectively.”


The NSF considered these actions as a grave oversight by members of the NPSC, a reputable commission responsible for recruiting top bureaucrats and technocrats in the state. They emphasized that such blunders cannot be tolerated.


Consequently, the Federation has demanded the NPSC to re-conduct the examination, stating that it will ensure a level playing field for all candidates aspiring to serve the state government as Motor Vehicle Inspectors.


The Federation further urged the commission to exercise utmost caution while setting question papers for various recruitment examinations and ensure that no further blunders of this nature occur in the near future.

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