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Dibuia, Mokokchung, 16 December (MTNews): In a passionate address to the electorates of 29 Jangpetkong Assembly Constituency, MLA & Advisor, Temjenmenba, voiced his concern about the constituency’s current state, lamenting that despite having numerous politicians, academicians, and sportspersons, it has been “reduced to a people of followers and not leaders.” Speaking during an intensive tour covering all villages and units under his assembly constituency, Temjenmenba urged the people to unite, offer advice, and support each other in a collective quest for development.

Temjenmenba Jangpetkong

Saying that he is boldly representing the constituency as the MLA & Advisor in the present PDA Government, Temjenmenba solicited the people to join hands with him in the collective endeavor to bring development in the constituency. Reiterating his election motto of ‘bringing and working for development in a mission mode,’ he emphasized the need for unity, stating there are still four more years to work together to achieve shared aspirations for development. Pledging to bring whatever development he can as long as he remains the legislator from the constituency, Temjenmenba called for unity to ensure that developmental works reach every nook and corner.

Accompanied by a delegation of Nationalist Democratic Progressive Party (NDPP) leaders from the state, Mokokchung Region, 29 Jangpetkong AC, Changki village council, and others, the tour served as a continuation of the mega sensitization program initiated at Changki village on November 29, 2023.

Expressing gratitude during public meetings held throughout the tour, Temjenmenba thanked the electorates and villages for electing him as their representative in the Nagaland Legislative Assembly. As part of the tour, he handed over completed Chief Minister Health Insurance Scheme (CMHIS) cards to village councils for distribution to beneficiaries registered during the Beneficiary Identification Drive (BIS) sponsored by the MLA & Advisor and conducted by the NDPP 29 Jangpetkong AC.

Working President of NDPP Nagaland State, N. Bendang Jamir, congratulated the constituency for electing a dynamic leader like Temjenmenba, praising his leadership qualities. Jamir pointed out that the transport department, which was neglected for a long time, has now become one of the most vibrant departments serving the people all over the state.

NDPP Mokokchung Region President Mayangnungba pointed out that under the initiative of MLA & Advisor Temjenmenba, the NDPP under 29 Jangpetkong AC is taking significant steps within a short period, aligning with the party motto of ‘deeds, not words’ and the expressed declaration of the PDA government under Chief Minister Neiphiu Rio of taking Nagaland ‘towards a state of excellence.’

Apart from the village council members and other leaders, President of Jangpetkong Senso Mungdang (JSM) Purtoshi appealed to the party and the elected legislator to work tirelessly for the development of the Jangpetkong range. Saying that he was speaking since the MLA & Advisor Temjenmenba is the people’s representative where the villages and civil societies have to take their problems and aspirations, the JSM President appreciated the works done thus far within a year and expressed hope that the developmental works would continue in the constituency.

The President of 29 Jangpetkong AC, Aodangnok and the NDPP Mokokchung Region Treasurer, Pangerzulu also spoke at the program.

The two-day tour covered Alongkima, Waromung, Dibuia, Mongchen, Chungliyimsen and Khar villages.

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