Renewable energy: A Tomorrow | Chubasashi Aier, NU Lumami, Department of Mass Communication

Renewable energy resources, a common and a very familiar word which we come across every now and then. The common definition for this words by every individual can be framed in few word such as energy that we get from the nature, never ending resources, or and alternativeto the traditional energy that relies on fossil fuels, and it tends to be much less harmful to the environment.


These resources are plentiful and are around us everywhere such as wind, and sunlight are some of theexamples of this energy resources.


Renewable resources has be in action since ancient timestill date. Such as using water power to control mills to crush grainsor use wind energy to grind grains, so leading to invention of solar panels to first use of solar energy in satellites, from lighting up a small village to an entire city. Uses of this renewable energy resources has come a long way with new innovative idea inspiring the younger generation for better innovation for the future.


Burning of fossils fuels, like petroleum, coal, and gases are a huge contribution of greenhouse gases which blankets the earth surfacetrapping the heat of the sun contributing to the so called climate change. So for a better tomorrow or if we want a better tomorrow for our future we need to end our relation with the use of non-renewable energy sources and start using renewable resources which is plentiful around us and which can be renewed a lot faster then we uses it.


Renewable energy which are available in abundance all around us, provided by the sun, wind, water, and heat from the Earth, are replenished by nature and emit little to no greenhouse gases or pollutants into the air.Switching to clean sources of energy, such as wind energy and solar energy, thus helps address not only climate change but also air pollution and health.


Renewable energy is a clean energy source, as it helps cease the production of harmful chemicals and halts the need for disruptive and scarring mining practices. The ozone layer will be able to recover, our air will become purer, and we won’t see our ecosystems destroy in the name of powering our world.


Renewable energy resources such as solar energy is one of the fastest growing energy around the world which acts as a substitute for cutting the electricity bill in ones home and also helps in reducing carbon footprints, and helps people of live in a cleaner and healthier environment.


Renewable energy are available in all around the world, where their potential is yet to be fully discovered. The International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) estimates that 90 percent of the world’s electricity can and should come from renewable energy by 2050.


These resources which we speak of is a common topic or subject which is know by all or may have heard of it, but given less importance to. These resources are eco friendly, causes less pollution. The environment and so called ecosystem which we speak of cannot heal on its own until and unless we act upon it.So if you are worried or if you care for our future and for our future needs, I suggest that we shift our option for resources towards renewable energy today.

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