Research and Development, commonly referred to as R&D, is a collective term. It refers to work with the goal of finding new knowledge or making new inventions. It can be termed as innovation with a scientific approach. Governments, institutions, corporations and companies around the world engage in R&D so that they remain ahead of others in a given field. As such, it is pleasing to learn that Fazl Ali College in Mokokchung has an R&D Cell. Although the R&D Cell of FAC is understandably given to academics more than anything else, it is also open to collaborative research. It is hoped that the R&D Cell of FAC will live up to its purpose and achieve its goals for it will not only be of benefit for the faculty and students of the college but also the society at large. Hardly do we get quality research publications and works of relevance to Mokokchung. As such, it is also hoped that the R&D Cell of FAC will fill that long felt gap.


Further, the R&D Cell of FAC organizing the international conference is a very welcome development. It is not every day that international conferences come to Mokokchung. It is hoped that there are many interested people ready to grasp the opportunity that has shown up at one’s doorsteps. The sub-themes of the conference are all interesting, relevant and important topics. While the conference is focused on India’s extended neighborhood, which is indeed a very vast subject matter and is self-explanatory, it is felt that there is much for Mokokchung to take away from it – for both the land and the people.


This conference is coming to Mokokchung at a time when this place was feeling increasingly forsaken with forlorn lost hope. Fazl Ali College is without a doubt one of the best things that has ever happened to Mokokchung and it feels good to know that the institution is continuing to live up to people’s expectations. This college, apart from producing graduates, has so much to offer and this international conference is just one of the many. A multiple-day conference would have been even more welcome.


At the global level, countries that invest in R&D are the most rapidly developing ones. Even relatively smaller countries like Israel, Korea, Japan and Singapore invest large chunks of their GDP in R&D. These countries are not investing in R&D because they are progressing. Rather, they are progressing because they invest in R&D. The same goes with the biggest names in the corporate world as well as among institutions. It is hoped that the R&D Cell of FAC will evolve and grow in scope with time and that it would receive adequate funding to invest as well.

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