Kohima, 16 June (MTNews): The Finance Department has introduced revised procedures for depositing funds towards the Chief Minister’s Health Insurance Scheme (CMHIS) in Nagaland. Effective from 1 July 2023, the department has specified a new bank account to which 50% of the monthly Medical Allowance amount will be transferred, modifying the existing process.


According to the revised procedure outlined by the Finance Department, the Nagaland State Co-operative Bank Ltd. will now serve as the designated bank for depositing the allocated funds. The account, named the “Nagaland CMHIS Account,” will have the account number 100310006020764, and the IFSC code UTIBOSNSCBI.


All concerned banks, Drawing and Disbursing Officers (DDOs), Treasury Officers, Heads of State Public Sector Undertakings (SPSUs), Boards, Statutory Bodies, and State Corporations are expected to comply with the revised procedure. They are required to ensure that the converted amount is deposited or transferred into the aforementioned bank account.


According to a DIPR report, it is crucial to maintain accurate records of employee and pensioner details, including the amounts and deposits/transfers, which must be submitted to the Principal Director of Treasuries and Accounts on a monthly basis.


The designated bank account, as stated in the revised procedure, will be a Joint Savings Account operated jointly by the Chief Secretary and Finance Commissioner. The Finance Department will retain custody of the account to ensure proper management and administration.


It said that the Health & Family Welfare Department will play a vital role in the revised process. Upon receiving proposals from the Nagaland Health Protection Society through the Principal Director of Health & Family Welfare, they will submit the matter to the Finance Department for approval and the subsequent issuance of cheques.


To facilitate the transition, the remaining balance under the Head of Account “8011-00-105-01 – Chief Minister’s Health Insurance Scheme” will be transferred to the designated bank account, ensuring the smooth continuation of the CMHIS.

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