The Rising People’s Party (RPP) has announced that the party would like to engage and participate in the upcoming Lok Sabha Elections 2024.

“With the trust invested upon us by the Naga People, the Rising People’s Party would like to engage and participate meaningfully in the upcoming Lok Sabha Election to be conducted possibly in April 2024,” it stated in a press release issued on Monday.

Stating that the 2024 Lok Sabha elections will be a battle of ideologies and that it is important for Nagas to stay on the right side of history, the RPP said it will work selflessly for the cherished dreams of the Naga people if given the opportunity, which is to create a new and better Nagaland.

According to RPP, Nagaland has historically been plagued by corruption and misgovernance and has found itself once again in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons. Often labeled as a “failed state” and the “corruption capital of India,” according to RPP, the state continues to grapple with persistent challenges. However, amidst this turmoil, the resounding cry of the Naga people yearning for “Change” continues to grow unwavered, it said.

“The call for dedicated and passionate leaders to lead Nagaland into a new era of peace and development has been the long aspirations of all the Nagas. Since its inception, the Rising People’s Party had been expressing this aspiration of the Naga People,” the RPP stated.

It viewed that in the run up to the previous State Legislative Assembly Election, “many conscious Nagas felt that the time was right to bring about the desired change.” However, it was not successful due to various inherent factors, the RPP said.

Stating that the burning desire of the Naga people to see the real change in Nagaland is the driving force and the fuel for the Rising People’s Party, it said “Nagas will have the opportunity to channelize our dreams into reality if we come together.”

The Rising People’s Party gives a clarion call to the Naga People to rise above party politics and elect the right leader to represent the Nagas in the upcoming Lok Sabha Election. This is the right time to fight for our future or else Nagaland will continue to be a failed state,” the RPP declared.

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