Kohima, 15 March (MTNews): The Regional Transport Officer in Kohima shed light on vehicle licensing and registration during a PowerPoint presentation. It was revealed that 3580 Learners Licenses and 2747 Drivers Licenses were issued in the current fiscal year. This information was disclosed during the Kohima DPDB meeting held today at the DPDB Hall, Kohima. Additionally, the members deliberated on enhancing road safety awareness and simplifying the registration procedures to make them more user-friendly.

During the session, Advisor for School Education & SCERT, Dr Kekhrielhoulie Yhome, and MLA Dr Tseilhoutuo Rhutso were present. Deputy Commissioner Kumar Ramnikant conducted a review of the previous DPDB meeting minutes. Deliberations ensued on the registration of various societies, with four out of seven proposed societies being rejected. However, Merhü Welfare Society, Medemer Fund Society, and Tamlu Bühü Union Society were considered for registration.

Dr Rhutso emphasized the necessity for a society to have a minimum of seven members, representing diverse tribal backgrounds, to ensure inclusivity. He advocated for transparency and honesty in assisting marginalized communities.

Regarding the screening process for society registration, Dr. Yhome proposed the establishment of specific guidelines and criteria to streamline the registration process.

Insights into the Nagaland Forest Management Project, its implementation process, and the livelihood activities of Self-Help Groups (SHGs) were provided by the Divisional Forest Officer, Kohima. Initiatives such as the National Clean Air Program and the establishment of vertical gardens in Kohima were also discussed.

Dr. Kekhrie stressed the responsible utilization of loans, emphasizing the need for repayments. He suggested carbon incentivizing to villages with significant forest cover and promoting public awareness through documentary productions.

Furthermore, the Deputy Commissioner assigned the Public Health Engineering Department to deliver a PowerPoint presentation on the Jal Jeevan Mission at the next DPDB meeting.

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