Kiphire district’s first fitness center, Sculpt Fitness Gym, was officially opened today, marking a significant milestone for health enthusiasts of all ages. The ribbon-cutting ceremony was led by Ape Puro, fitness instructor and General Secretary of NBBA, accompanied by a dedicatory prayer from Dr Apise, Secretary of USBLA.

During the event, Puro highlighted his personal commitment to fitness, sharing his journey and emphasizing that fitness is accessible to all, irrespective of age or gender. Puro, who is also the proprietor of Life Fitness Nagaland, was accompanied by gym instructors Alumba Tikhir from Dimapur and Medoletuo from Kohima.

Puro said, “Fitness is a way of life, not just a designation,” stressing the importance of physical health, mental well-being, stress reduction, and cardiovascular health.

The gym, equipped with modern amenities including 24/7 electricity, changing rooms, shower, and professional instructors, has already attracted twenty initial members, with more expected to join soon. Operating in morning and evening sessions, each accommodating up to twenty individuals comfortably, Sculpt Fitness Gym aims to become a hub for fitness challenges and community engagement. This much-anticipated gym offers all the necessary facilities, making it a one-stop destination for fitness enthusiasts.

Thrijongba Sangtam and Atsungba Sangtam are the entrepreneurs behind Sculpt Fitness Gym. Thrijongba Sangtam won third place in the 2019 Hornbill Festival for best physique, while Atsungba Sangtam has also achieved notable success in the fitness industry.

In his address, Atsungba Sangtam traced the gym’s inception back to 2019, thanking supporters and highlighting Puro’s inspirational role in their journey. The program, attended by local dignitaries and community members, concluded with words of encouragement for the young entrepreneurs from village leader HD GB of Singrip village and a benediction from Lemtsu, Youth Pastor of Tikhir Baptist Church.

Sculpt Fitness Gym plans to organize seasonal fitness challenges and remains committed to promoting a healthy lifestyle within the district.

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