Shalom Bible Seminary conducts Clean Election Rally

Kohima, February 21 (MTNews): In support of the Clean Election Movement (NBCC), Shalom Bible Seminary conducted a Clean Election Rally at Sechü-Zubza today.




More than two hundred students along with faculty and staff came down from the hill-top displaying placards and posters, chanting slogans such as “No proxy voting; one man one vote; Election is the festival of democracy, not the time to loot; Proxy voting equals to identity theft, etc.,” an update from the Seminary received here said.


The program was mostly conducted in Nagamese. Tsathvü Leyri chaired the event and Dr Sanyü Iralu (Principal) prayed for the program. Dr Villo Naleo (Academic Dean) and Throngmusü, Student President, delivered speeches.


“The students also played a powerful drama; it animated the reality and the context of our villages going to elections,” the update said. Thusutu Thur presented a self-composed song on change, after which a group presented choreography. After the gathering, the community took a short walk till the Western Angami People Organization (WAPO) ground and it ended with a mass prayer.

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