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The Department of School Education, as part of the NECTAR Project, successfully verified and authenticated the data of 328 teachers and employees in Shamator District on 19 June. This milestone marks a significant step towards implementing the Teachers Attendance Monitoring System (TAMS) in government schools throughout the state.


Teachers Attendance Monitoring System (TAMS) under NECTAR: A total of 328 teachers and employee data were verified and authenticated under Shamator District on 19th June. (Twitter photo @NEP_Lighthouse)


The TAMS, developed under the NECTAR Project, utilizes advanced technologies such as facial recognition and geofencing to track and monitor teachers’ attendance. With the aim of enhancing accountability and efficiency, this system will provide accurate and real-time information regarding teacher presence in schools.


Scheduled to go live in September 2023, the TAMS is expected to revolutionize attendance management in government schools. By leveraging cutting-edge technology, it will streamline the process, reducing administrative burdens and ensuring greater transparency.


Mokokchung Times

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