While wishing you all a healthy, long life and a Happy New Year, I have a question for the Christian community in Nagaland.

India is changing towards a Hindu state. The Socialist and Secular principles have been removed from the Constitution of India. We also have witnessed that religious divide has become a reality in India. Religious projects are now projected as national programs, spending taxpayers’ money.

To eliminate Christians from India has been the “outcry” of the present Govt. since it took over the ring in 2014. Christians in the cow belts are no longer safe to identify themselves as Christian. To galvanize Hindutva in the Northeast, the Kuki-Zo issue is also the process of eliminating Christianity in the nation. RSS/BJP have chosen Manipur because of the political and religious dominant position of the Meiteis who are mostly Hindu. The plan is not sudden but well-pre-conceived and organized. BJP Rajya Shaba MP himself is the Chairman of the rebel forces. BJP Govt in Manipur has allowed Arambai Teggol and Meite Leepu to loot more than 10,000 sophisticated arms and over 6 lakh ammunition to finish the Christians. They have the support of the Govt. They have burnt 29 villages to ashes and destroyed over 350 Churches. 96 Christian dead bodies are still lying in the mortuary. Christians living in the Manipur Valley have lost material properties and dwellings to live in.

The Prime Minister of India had not shown any concern in 8 months. He is standing adamant looking sideways at Manipur. He is the modern Nebuchadnezzar. There were only 3 Christians who defied his order.

Should Nagaland Christians continue to support BJP Govt in the Centre?


K. Therie

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