The Free Boxing Coaching Camp for children, organized by the Boxing Association Mokokchung (BAM), reached its triumphant conclusion on Saturday at the Multipurpose Sports Complex, Mokokchung. The culmination program witnessed an impressive display of talent as participants from various age categories showcased their boxing prowess.


Seen in the picture are the participants, coaches and officials of the Boxing Association Mokokchung (BAM) on the last day of the ten-day intensive Free Boxing Coaching Camp for children organized by BAM at the Multipurpose Sports Complex, Mokokchung, 29 July.


The event was graced by Thsuvisie Poji, Deputy Commissioner of Mokokchung and President of the Mokokchung District Sports Council.


The young participants were divided into three categories based on their ages, namely 5-8 years, 9-12 years, and 13-16 years. Throughout the ten-day intensive coaching camp, these young boxers had the opportunity to hone their skills and learn essential techniques of the sport.


Demonstrations were made by all three categories as well as individual participants, which left the spectators in attendance amazed by the promising talent on display. The coaching camp, conducted under the theme “the future of boxing is in the small gloves,” aimed to instill a sense of dedication and passion for the sport among the youngsters.


The Deputy Commissioner delivered an encouraging speech during the culmination program. He commended BAM for organizing such a significant event and expressed his belief that it will have a profound impact on the history of boxing in Mokokchung.


Appreciating the efforts of BAM, he acknowledged that the camp had been successfully executed despite the lack of facilities and infrastructure in the district. He further expressed optimism that the hard work and determination invested by the organizers and participants would eventually bear fruit and produce exceptional boxers who could bring glory to Mokokchung, Nagaland, and the nation as a whole.


The coaching camp witnessed an overwhelming response with a total of 164 children participating enthusiastically in the event. The young boxers received coaching and guidance from skilled instructors, including Bendangakum, Mongsensari Longkumer, Nokinyanger Aier, Akum Imchen, and Tongpangnokcha Longkumer.


All participants were awarded certificates at the end of the camp. Additionally, six exceptional players were identified as the most promising talents and were presented with special certificates to inspire them to continue their dedication to the sport.


Sunepkala R Jamir and Imlisashi Walling in the 13-16 years category, Imjungbenla Aier and Sameer Limbu in the 9-12 years category, and Akumyapang B Jamir and Salu Pongen in the 5-8 years category were the six participants identified as the most promising talents.


Mokokchung Times

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