Ungma, 27 January (MTNews): In an absorbing debut, So-Li-Sü Theatre, a dynamic group of theatrical artists, staged their inaugural play, “Süngra,” at the Yimtsüngta Arok Sapang Ungma on 27 January 2024. The performance, inspired by a painting, weaved together Ao Naga folklore, cultural identity, and the profound impact of language loss.

“Süngra ” delves into the belief that the Ao Naga people trace their origins back to ‘Longterok,’ or six stones. The play, echoing the constancy of change, unfolds a narrative where the loss of language becomes synonymous with the erosion of cultural identity, leading to both political and cultural self-loss. Even in the retention of language, the play explores the potential for significant shifts within the paradigm of identity, bringing forth undesirable repercussions.

The performance, lasting approximately 70 minutes, featured the collective talent of 10 artists, accompanied by the harmonious interplay of four musicians and dedicated set crews. So-Li-Sü Theatre, a self-organized and self-sponsored group of young professionals and learners, aims to unravel the magic of performing arts through various techniques.

“Süngra” not only marked the commencement of So-Li-Sü Theatre’s journey but also left a lasting impression, captivating the audience with its artistic proficiency and exploration of Naga cultural heritage.

About the Director
Kilangtemsu Imsong is an Actor/Director in the field of theatre and films. He is an alumnus of the National School of Drama, specializing in Theatre in Education, Tripura. A practitioner of theatre, he has conducted numerous workshops using different methods and strategies with both children and adults. Since his studies, his motive has been to portray the reality of Naga Society through art, as he genuinely believes that life imitates art and vice versa. Kilangtemsu Imsong is also the recipient of the NEZCC Young Talented Award for 2017-18 in the field of theatre.


He directed a folk play called ‘Taho-mesen-sami’ with the students of Sakus Mission College, as well as a street play titled ‘USE ME’ on Swachh Bharat in Mangkolemba in 2016. Other notable works include “BOINU” at St. Joseph School, Songl-huh and “Why Always Me?” at RKS, Tuli, in 2021. His film ‘Walakro’ won the 1st Nagaland Amateur Short Film Festival in 2017. Additionally, Kilangtemsu Imsong directed a short film ‘Yellow’ initiated by DABA and played the protagonist role in a web series titled ‘Dreams & Chaos’. He performed at the International 8th Theatre Olympic 2018 at NSD, New Delhi, and at the North East Theatre Festival in Manipur in 2015, Silchar in 2016, and various parts of Nagaland.

He conducted a 3-month workshop with the teachers of Upper Assam on the theme ‘Drama for Creativity’ and is the founder of So-li-su in Nagaland.

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