The moral bankruptcy of political leaders inevitably trickles down to societal behavior. We have all seen this as urban Nagaland went to the polls. When those in power engage in unethical conduct without consequence, it sets a precedent that erodes the moral compass of society. Corruption becomes normalized, and the distinction between right and wrong blurs. Institutions designed to uphold justice and equality falter, leading to systemic inequities and disenfranchisement.

Today, the nexus of moral bankruptcy, politics, and societal degeneration is a profound challenge of our time. This confluence must be addressed before all hope is lost. Societal degeneration is an insidious issue that manifests through declining ethical standards, increased polarization, and erosion of communal trust. The root causes are multifaceted, involving political corruption, economic inequalities, and a pervasive culture of individualism over collective well-being. When political leaders prioritize personal gain over the public good, they set a dangerous precedent, fostering cynicism and apathy among citizens. This erosion of moral values destabilizes institutions and hinders social progress.

Addressing this degeneration requires a concerted effort to restore integrity and accountability in leadership. Education systems must instill ethical reasoning and civic responsibility, preparing future generations to uphold societal values. Additionally, civil society organizations and a free press play critical roles in advocating for transparency and justice. All of these are sorely missing in our context today.

As societal degeneration manifests through declining ethical standards and increased polarization, the Church, as a custodian of moral values, also has a crucial role to play. The Church’s role extends beyond spiritual guidance; it is a beacon of moral clarity, capable of inspiring positive change and helping to reverse societal degeneration. The Church can help rebuild trust and cohesion in our communities. Unfortunately, the Church today seems incapable of fulfilling this role effectively.

What is essential to reversing the trend of societal degeneration and building a more just and moral society is a question every thinking citizen must ponder.

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