SportsCast India to broadcast Nagaland Olympics

Six members of SportsCast India have already arrived in Nagaland and are prepared to live-stream the events of the 2nd Nagaland Olympic & Paralympic Games 2022, at IG Stadium, Kohima beginning at 9:30 am Wednesday.



Aditya Mohanty, one of the founders of SportsCast India, while talking to Mokokchung Times informed that the team will definitely be covering football, archery, boxing, basketball and  many other events depending upon certain circumstances, facilities and locations.



He mentioned that as other events begin to take place, they will have a team of 12 to 14 people for the coverage.



SportsCast India is a broadcasting YouTube channel based in Bhopal founded by Aditya Mohanty and Yash Buchke in the year 2020 and began operational in the year 2021 where they first live streamed the Madhya Pradesh Premier League.



Shantanu Dev Singh, Aman Swaroop, Aditya, and Yash make up the core team of Sportscast India, and according to Aditya, the group is now working on an app under Aman’s direction.



The purpose of SportsCast India, according to Aditya, was to support regional sports that happen in district levels and make sure they receive adequate attention, and identify young athletes with potential.



“The issue we have encountered, even personally, is that, as budding athletes, we were all unable to see a path toward having our talent recognized on a basic level. Therefore, the goal of this project is to make sure that people are given attention when they are still very young, which is one of the reasons why we focus more on state and district levels rather than on national and international levels. I mean, we do cover national and international events as well but we are more focused on regional levels”, Aditya continued.



The Dr. T. Ao Trophy Inter-District Football Tournament was the first broadcast by SportsCast India in Nagaland. This was also the first time that a football tournament was live-streamed in Nagaland where the final game between Dimapur and Mon district attracted more than 200k+ views.



Aditya claimed that, to call his first experience in Nagaland, “surprising” would be an understatement.



“If I have to be brutally honest, surprising would be an understatement.  Couple of things really blew my mind…viewership was one thing but that was secondary when you actually consider the number of people who were coming to the ground and watching. But the thing that stuck out to me was how invested were the people in the sports. I mean, I have gone all over the country and have been broadcasting throughout the country but to see such passion at such a basic level – the amount of investment that people had for the tournament just completely blew all of our minds. So, one of the things I have made sure of is that I remain attached to Nagaland because eventually the idea is to promote such,” he shared.



He continued by saying that since their ultimate goal was to promote sports, it won’t matter even if the viewership declines from before.



In the meantime, Joel Williams, the SportsCast India commentator, expressed his excitement to Mokokchung Times and expressed the hope that he would enjoy himself as much as he did during the Dr. T. Ao Trophy.



“I am definitely looking forward to it,” he said. “It is also a wonderful chance for me because tournaments like the Olympics are a significant event.”



For his comments and his capacity to engage in debate with the trolls, Joel once rose to the status of one of Naga Football’s most cherished commentators.




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