Kohima District TB Forum-DAPCC meeting held

The Kohima District TB Forum- District AIDS Prevention and Control Committee (DAPCC) meeting was convened at the DC’s Conference Hall in Kohima, with Deputy Commissioner Kumar Ramnikant, IAS, chairing the program on May 16.

Tuberculosis and HIV control Kohima
A TB Champion shared his personal experiences undergoing treatment under the National Tuberculosis Elimination Programme (NTEP), expressing gratitude for the free medicine, treatment, and financial assistance he received. He emphasized the importance of completing the mandatory six-month medication course without interruptions and encouraged fellow TB patients to take full advantage of the available facilities.
DTO Kohima, Dr Chibenthung Kithan, provided an overview of the district health unit’s profile and services available under the NTEP. He also discussed the targets, challenges, and outcomes faced. Additionally, he announced that three villages in Kohima have been declared TB-free under the TB Mukt Panchayat initiative.
Sentimongla Tzudir, DPO of District AIDS Prevention and Control Unit (DAPCU) Kohima, presented data on the adult HIV prevalence rate, HIV-related facilities, achievements at Kohima facility centers, and ongoing HIV-related activities in the district.
DC Ramnikant stressed the need not only for collecting data on TB cases but also for performing in-depth analyses. He highlighted the importance of testing in close settings to curb the spread of TB, along with the necessity for awareness and counseling where testing occurs. The Forum members resolved to request the Kohima Municipal Council to put up hoardings and creative displays to enhance public awareness about TB.

The meeting emphasized the community’s ongoing efforts and strategies to combat TB and HIV in Kohima, aiming for a healthier future.

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