Zunheboto, 27 March (MTNews): The Sümi Hoho hosted a series of events today at Sümi Hoho Ki, Zunheboto, marking a significant day of celebration and organizational milestones.


The first part of the program commenced with a felicitation ceremony honoring the newly elected Office Bearers of the Sümi Kükami Hoho and the Sümi Kiphimi Küqhakulu. Sümi Hoho Vice President Hokishe Kiba chaired the program.

Sümi Hoho President I Nikheto Jimomi delivered greetings, followed by insightful speeches from Sümi Kükami Hoho President Hetoho S Zhimomi and Sümi Kiphimi Küqhakulu President Gihuka Zhimomi. The Pastor of Sümi Baptist Church Zunheboto, Dr Hutton Sumi, offered prayers for the newly elected members, invoking blessings for their future endeavors.

Transitioning into the second segment, the spotlight turned towards the launching of the Sümi Youth Organization (SYO). Sümi Hoho General Secretary Dr Vihuto Asumi chaired the program, and a prayer of blessings was offered by the Executive Secretary of Sümi Baptist Akukuhou Küqhakulu, Rev Kughato Chophi. A special song was presented by Nogheli Chipiku. Speeches were delivered by Sümi Hoho Advisor Hekhushe Shikhu, Western Sümi Youth Front President Atokiho Swu, and former Sümi Hoho Vice President Zhevihe Sumi.

The highlight of the event was the official launch of SYO by Sümi Hoho President I Nikheto Jimomi, who introduced the SYO Office Bearers. Office Bearers include Hikavi H Kinimi, assuming the role of President, supported by Hukaito H Zhimomi as Vice President, Bokalu V Zhimomi as General Secretary, and Enoch Wotsa as Finance Secretary, signaling a promising era of youth leadership and empowerment within the Sümi community.

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