Sovima, 17 March (MTNews): Gearing up for the 3rd North East Games 2024, Team Nagaland had a briefing and motivational sessions at Tetso College Auditorium, under the Nagaland Olympic Association (NOA) on 17 March. Mr Neivikuolie Khatsu and Mr T Meren Paul outlined team protocols and health guidelines, while Ms Chekrovolu Swüro and Mr Hokato Hotozhe Sema provided inspirational talks. Mr Abu Metha, NOA Secretary General, emphasized unity and perseverance, fostering determination. The event instilled camaraderie and determination, preparing Team Nagaland to excel at NEG24 with sportsmanship and excellence.

Team Nagaland also gathered for a devotional service ahead of the 3rd North East Games 2024, seeking spiritual unity and inspiration at Baptist Church Sovima in Chumoukedima. Led by Mr Sentiningsang Longkumer, General Secretary of the Nagaland Basketball Association, the service featured Pastor Visasier Kevichüsa delivering an uplifting message. Highlighting unity and strength, the program included hymns, prayers, and musical performances by talented artists.

“Drawing from their shared faith, Team Nagaland finds inspiration for excellence and resilience, guided by values of unity and perseverance as they prepare for the challenges ahead,” a NOA update said.
The North East Games 2024 is set to take place from 18 to 23 March 2024 in Nagaland.

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