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Kohima, 2 December (MTNews): Chief Minister Neiphiu Rio has emphasized the need to integrate modern farming with technical knowledge and scientific research to enhance production and economic viability. He made these remarks at the Millet Festival held today in Kisama, marking the culmination of the International Year of Millets 2023 Nagaland Chapter.

Despite Nagaland being an educated society with technically trained personnel, Chief Minister Rio lamented their underutilization in becoming progressive farmers. He challenged professionally educated individuals to enter meat and milk production, emphasizing the importance of achieving self-sufficiency and reducing reliance on imports for staple foods.

Expressing delight in the cultivation of traditional crops like millets, especially in the eastern areas of Nagaland, Rio urged more people to engage in millet cultivation. He highlighted the crucial role of the Agriculture department in purchasing and distributing quality seeds to encourage farming across all sectors.

During the event, Advisor for Agriculture Mhathung Yanthan mentioned that millet production had increased from 12,000 to 19,000 hectares in 2023. The government’s focus on promoting millet cultivation aligns with the broader goal of achieving sustainable and self-sufficient agricultural practices in the region.

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