It was in the year 1972. I was studying Veterinary & A.H. at Khanapara Guwahati. I came to Kohima, Nagaland to attend Billy Graham Crusade in the month of February 1972. I took my decision and took Jesus as my personal saviour and Lord. I came back to my college again. It was on the Second Sunday of March 1972; TEN came to me and showed me that it is “Teenagers Evangelism of Nagaland” (TEN). I was so excited and anxious to start quickly even though I don’t know anything about God’s Ministry so I just wrote a letter to “Billy Graham Evangelistic Association” that I would like to start a ministry among young people of NAGALAND. Surprisingly they printed my letter in their DECISION MAGAZINE of September 1975 issue. And the editor wrote a note just below my letter requesting all readers of Decision Magazine to pray for young people of Nagaland as they start TEN Ministry. By seeing that, I was more worried and more burdened. I asked myself, the letter was mine, I wrote, and if I don’t start, “what will happen to me”? So I called a meeting among the Nagas student’s fellowship, Guwahati in order to start the TEN ministries but none of them came to help me.

So I was so discouraged and felt sad that I alone cannot so I almost forgot. One night an old woman came to me in my dream and said Hey! Kip if you are not going to start the TEN ministries, we the women group are going to start. So I replied no! No! I will start, don’t give it to others. I, even alone also, I will start the Ten Ministry, like that, I woke up. Then I went to my friend Dr. Kevi Chakhesang and told him that I myself also am going to start the TEN ministry, then he said why should you be alone, I will also help you. So I told him ok. Then you will be the treasures. Then I told the same to one of our sister Valley Rose of Tangkhul Tribe. She also said I also will help you, don’t be afraid. So I told her ok. Thank you and you will be the Secretary and I will be the President. Like that we three agreed to start TEN ministries.

The first Ten Magazine came out on 8th February 1976 in Naga Christian Fellowship, Guwahati and dedication prayer was done by Late Rev. L. Bizo. The Motto of the ministry is “Serve with Love” (Gal. 5:13)

The first Teenager’s Day was observed in a small village of Botsa Baptist Church on Second Sunday of March 1977. The second Teenager’s day was observed at Terogunyu, New Village by some young people in a Jungle on the second Sunday of March i.e. 14th March 1982. They had only one house those days. This second Sunday of March also coincided with the Purim Festival of Israel. This day on which the enemies were supposed to kill all the Jews, but by God’s grace, they were saved and in reverse, all the enemies who planned to kill the Jews were hanged to death. After completing 10 (Ten) years we have changed from Nagaland into Nations. Teenager’s Evangelism of the Nations.

Today we use to observe every year on second Sunday of March as Teenager’s Day. And we use to pray for teenagers and give gifts to them. We request all believers to observe this second Sunday of March as Teenager’s Day and pray for them, show them the right way to go and give them even if it’s a small gift on occasion of Teenager’s Day.
God bless you all who observe Teenager’s Day on 10th March 2024.

Dr. Kip Rio
(Founder President TEN Ministry)

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