Kohima, 9 November (MTNews): In a thrilling final match at the IG Stadium Kohima on Thursday evening, former champions Tehok FC Mon beat Western Sumi Sports Association (WSSA) by 2-1 to lift the 7th Late Capt N Kenguruse, MVC Memorial Football Tournament 2023. This victory marked a return to glory for Tehok FC, who had previously secured the championship in 2019 by defeating Headhunters TA 2-1 and once again managed to beat the WSSA by the same score line.


The final match was a showcase of excellent football, with both teams exhibiting great skill and determination. The teams appeared evenly poised and posed threats to each other’s goals. However, an injury setback for WSSA in the second half weakened their position, allowing Tehok FC to capitalize on the situation.

The WSSA team featured a number of Nagaland Santosh Trophy players, led by playmaker Sinenlo Kath. On the other hand, the Tehok team, captained by Nagaland Santosh Trophy team captain Sanyem Konyak and bolstered by the defensive prowess of Lironthung Lotha, conceded only two goals in four matches during the tournament.

Nisede Peseyie of Tehok FC gave his team the early lead as he found the back of the net in the 23rd minute. However, this lead was short-lived as Hevika equalized for WSSA with a well-timed header in the 36th minute, resulting in a 1-1 deadlock at the end of the first half.

The intensity of the match took a toll on WSSA, with injuries forcing key players like midfielder Sinenlo Kath and striker Hailueyibe to be substituted in the second half. Seizing the opportunity in the dying moments of the match, Shamba Samson, a standout performer for Tehok FC, headed in the winning goal in the 96th minute, securing the tournament trophy for his team.

As a result, WSSA had to settle for the runner-up position in the tournament, while Tehok FC Mon celebrated their triumphant return to the championship title.

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