Wokha, 14 June: Team Metamorphosis, a government registered NGO from Wokha district and a recipient of Governor’s Award 2016 on Wednesday observed World Blood Donor Day at Hornbill Hotel, Wokha where regular voluntary blood donors came to attend the event.


Speaking during the event, Thungdemo Kyong, chief functionary, Team Metamorphosis shared his experiences in donating blood, where he said that he had donated 21 times to save life.


Sharing experience and encouragement, Yanpo Jami, a government employee, spoke on the importance of donating blood informing that he had donated 11 times, where he shared his life experience on how he started to donate blood despite earlier having feared needles and syringes.




Dr Thungchamo Jungio Nyiro PHC medical officer was the resource person of the event. Jungio said that a healthy individual of 45 kg weight and having attended an age of 18 to 60 years can donate blood. He also informed about blood groups while he said that by giving a unit of blood can save four lives.


Meanwhile, he shared the health benefits of donating blood and advantages that donors received in hospitals. He said that many people fear donating blood but there are no such risks. He also said that some may have adverse reactions like anxiety or vomiting which are some common symptoms but do not last long. He advised the donors to avoid smoking and drinking alcohol for some period if they have a habit and informed them to drink more water or fluid, as blood contains maximum water, and suggested consumption of more iron and green vegetables for blood generation after donating their blood.


Various individual blood donors also shared their experience on their multiple blood donations, and how they are saving a life. The blood donors who attended the program and Team Metamorphosis expressed the need of blood storage facilities in the district, where they anticipated such facilities in the district through the state government.


Thungdemo Kyong acknowledged the blood donors who attended the program as real heroes for saving lives. They vowed to continue donating blood to save lives and also urged more individuals to come out in saving lives by donating blood.


Mokokchung Times

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