Under the Balipara Foundation, the Tizu Valley Biodiversity Conservation Livelihood Network held a program on the theme “Sustaining Cultural and Indigenous Heritage and Ecological Diversity” at Sukhai village on 9 March.

Tizu Valley Biodiversity Conservation Livelihood Network hosts program on sustaining cultural and indigenous heritage

Tokugha Sukhai, Hd. GB, Sukhai VCC, delivered a welcome address and expressed gratitude to the Balipara Foundation Assam for initiating the program and acknowledged their tireless efforts in supporting the village for a better environment.

Vihoshe Murru, Chairman of Sümi Literature Board, spoke on the topic “Indigenous Knowledge and Cultural Heritage.” He requested the Balipara Foundation to extend their helping hands and provide tremendous support towards Tizu Valley biodiversity.

He emphasized that culture is our identity and should be preserved, highlighting the importance of cultural heritage. He lamented the loss of cultural significance and emphasized the need for its preservation. He defined cultural heritage to include culture, customs, tribes, indigenous knowledge, values, arts, ceremonies, crafts, rituals, and religion. He also elaborated on the rich cultural heritage of the Sümi people, encompassing songs, dances, poems, folk songs, folk tales, and rituals.

Vedpal Singh IFS, Additional Conservator of Forests, spoke on the topic “Life Around Forests.” He discussed how human beings interact with forests and vice versa. He highlighted the historical interaction between humans and forests, noting the essential role forests have played in human evolution. He acknowledged that while humans no longer directly depend on forests for survival, disturbances in forest ecosystems still affect human life. He also mentioned the access to medicinal plants provided by forests.

The program was chaired by Ivan Zhimo, Team Leader. The invocation was pronounced by Vinoto Yeptho, Pastor SBC, and the benediction was pronounced by Hokheto, Pastor KBC.

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