Wokha, November 7 (MTNews): The five-day event of Lotha Primer Festival, Tokhü Emong, culminated today at the Local Ground in Wokha, with G Kaito Aye, Minister for PWD and R&B, as the special guest.

Lotha Wokha
Minister PWD, R&B G Kaito Aye

Speaking at the event, Minister G Kaito Aye congratulated the Lotha community for celebrating the Tokhü Emong festival, symbolizing the bountiful harvest season. He emphasized the importance of cultural identity, stating that it is through such celebrations that the culture of our forefathers is exposed. He also noted that the state celebrates one collective event called the Hornbill Festival.

The minister called for unity and urged the community to strengthen the Naga community’s interests. He stated that Tokhü Emong could also be seen as a farmers’ day program and encouraged the community and farmers to give due importance, work diligently, and improve their production skills. He stressed the significance of farming and cultivation in alleviating poverty and called for a return to work culture within Naga society. He appreciated traditional practices and the production of organic fruits and vegetables. He emphasized that Nagas should not rely on others and must remain united, regardless of the progress of the Naga political solution.

Minister Aye also called for preserving the originality of Naga cultural practices and encouraged the involvement of the church, students, and youths in maintaining and passing down cultural traditions to the younger generation.

He mentioned that Lotha is blessed with a good number of officers and urged the Lotha community to take the lead in helping the lower sections of the community. He highlighted various activities undertaken by the state government, including the upcoming Nagaland foothill road project, and called for community support and cooperation in development activities. He acknowledged a representation submitted by the Lotha Hoho on the proposed Wokha-Bokajan road construction and mentioned that the Nagaland governor is taking an interest in it.
Through the celebration of Tokhü Emong, he wished for the community to be practical in all aspects and maintain unity.

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