Mokokchung, 27 February (MTNews): The Konyak Union (KU) has introduced mandatory procedures for tourists and visitors to the Mon district in Nagaland. Effective from 27 February, all individuals intending to explore the district must adhere to these new regulations.

Mon Konyak

According to a press statement received here, tourists and outside visitors are now required to obtain a clearance certificate from the KU Office in Mon before venturing in the district.

Additionally, they must secure a guide from the same office to accompany them during their visit in the district especially when travelling to the remote and border villages.

This measure, the statement said, is initiated for the security and safety of visitors, as well as to avoid any misgivings or wrong reports about the region and also, a proactive step “in response to past incidents involving tourists and visitors.”

According to KU Vice President Hongnao Konyak, there have been many incidents in the past when domestic and international tourists ventured through border villages like Longwa, only to end up in Myanmar or sometimes in insurgent camps, thereby creating tension for security. Additionally, it has often been observed that writers, journalists, and researchers sometimes provide factually incorrect information. Therefore, to prevent all such troubles, he said that the KU has facilitated this initiative.

It further stated that any tourist or outside visitor found within the district without the necessary clearance certificate and guide will be questioned by KU authorities.

Furthermore, the union urged scholars, writers, and individuals engaged in research activities to obtain a clearance certificate from the KU Office before undertaking any thesis, journal writing, videography, documentary production, or report related to the Mon district.

“Village authorities and Councils are asked to check and ensure that the tourists or outside visitors carry this Clearance Certificate from the KU Office within respective jurisdiction. Defaulters should be immediately reported to the undersigned Office,” it added.

For further inquiries and clarification, the KU informed to contact the KU Office Mon.

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