Mokokchung Times | October 30


The government of Nagaland had, earlier this month, revised the ceiling limit for issue of two wheeler taxi permits in each district wherein Mokokchung district was allotted 75 permits.


According to data acquired by Mokokchung Times from the Regional Transport Office, Mokokchung, a total of 35 two wheeler taxis were already registered in the district as of mid-October.
The registrations, which started in the month of November 2021 with just three, have now shown an increase.


According to the data, a total of seven taxis were registered till February 2022, followed by two in April, three in June, four in July, two in August, a small rise in September with 9 registrations, and 5 registrations by the mid-October 2022.





According to the latest Periodic Labor Force Survey (PLFS), Nagaland has the highest unemployment rate in the country. Per the report, youths in the 15-29 Years age group has an unemployment rate of 55.2% which is more than half in the cohort.


The two wheeler taxi service is providing employment to a good number of youths in Mokokchung.


One such youth, Atsung, who was among the drivers that started out during the early stages of the two wheeler taxi service told Mokokchung Times that he earns an average of Rs 1000 per day.


Atsung said that he receives calls from customers wanting his service throughout the day but cannot render his services to all of them. “But I try to direct them to other drivers who are free at the time,” he added.



Group initiatives


There are a few Self Help Groups and Youth Associations who have been providing two-wheelers to unemployed youths at nominal fees to encourage youths to be self sustainable and to be employed.
The Alempang Youth Association is one such group which has initiated a program, wherein they provide 5 two wheelers to the educated unemployed youths in their locality.


The president of the Alempang Youth Association, Temsuchiba I. Aier revealed that a nominal charge of Rs 200 per day is collected from the drivers for 21 days of a month for the two wheelers.
Another such initiative, the Well Wishers Self Help Group, Dilong Ward also launched a two wheeler taxi project.


Aridong, president of the Well Wishers SHG, had said that the project was an endeavor to help promote self reliance and financial independence among the youths of the ward during the launch of the project in February of this year which was reported in this newspaper.


Public response


“The two wheeler taxi service has made my commute to work very easy,” says Lima of Salangtem Ward. “I call the drivers in my contact list and they reach my pick point in no time, and if they are not free at the time, they even send replacements on their behalf,” he says. “The only downside is that different drivers charge different amounts for the same distance. I feel like the rates should be regulated somehow,” he suggested.


Another commuter who did not wish to be named said, “In my daily commute to work from IOC to Arkong Ward, some drivers charge Rs 80 while some charge only Rs 60. It is definitely cheaper than hiring a taxi car but the rates should be uniform,” she said.

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