Deputy Commissioner and District Magistrate of Mokokchung, Thsuvisie Phoji, invoked Section 144 of the Criminal Procedure Code (CrPC), 1973 on Monday, June 24. The order was issued citing sufficient grounds to take precautionary measures aimed at preventing untoward incidents and maintaining peace and tranquility within the ULB areas under Mokokchung district. These areas include Mokokchung Municipal Council, Tuli Town Council, Mangkolemba Town Council, and Changtongya Town Council.

The order, effective from 4:00 PM on June 24, 2024, until June 26, 2024, was passed ex-parte due to urgent circumstances, coinciding with the end of campaigning for the ULB election by 4:00 PM on June 24, 2024.

During the prohibitory period, the order prohibits the convening, holding, attending, joining, or addressing of any public meeting or procession related to the election. Additionally, it restricts the display of election-related content to the public through cinematography, television, or similar mediums. Organizing or conducting musical concerts, theatrical performances, or any other entertainment with the intent to attract public attention to election matters is also forbidden.

Further, gathering of five or more persons and holding public meetings in the specified ULB areas is prohibited from 6:00 PM to 6:00 AM during the prohibitory period. Non-residents and non-voters, including political functionaries, party workers, and campaign staff, are required to leave these areas immediately.

However, officials and staff of the District Administration, security personnel, magistrates on duty, medical personnel, and individuals engaged in election duties or essential services are exempted from these restrictions.

Mokokchung Times

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