‘Flag signifies the most sacred symbol of the Naga peoplehood and the constitution remain as their guiding principles’

In a memorandum addressed to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the United Naga Council (UNC) reaffirmed the Nagas’ established position in Manipur amidst ongoing tensions between the Meetei and Kuki communities. The UNC emphasized the need for an early settlement of the Indo-Naga political issue, highlighting the principles outlined in the Framework Agreement signed on August 3, 2015.

The UNC in its statement received here stated how the United Naga Council (UNC) representing the Naga People comprising 20 tribes in the present state of Manipur have expressed their positions time and again since the Indo-Naga peace process began with the signing of Indo-Naga Ceasefire in 1997.

Stating that their desire for peace and justice in the land remain ever stronger, the UNC reiterated the Naga position. Calling the ongoing conflict between Meitei and Kuki in Manipur “very unfortunate”, it said that it had adversely impacted the Nagas living in the state of Manipur.

“We have reached out to both the communities to defuse the situation by instituting a “Peace Committee” as soon as the conflict began in May 3,2023. The mentioned committee is pursuing its peace building works earnestly. We have extended our helping hand to ease the humanitarian crisis by hosting displaced victims in our land from both the communities and have their basic needs taken care of many times. The situation in Manipur would have been averted had the GOI framed people’s friendly policies for the well-being of all prior to the conflict. Now, we would like to reiterate our position that while formulating any plans for resolution of the conflict in Manipur, extreme caution must be taken to avoid further conflicts,” the UNC stated.

The UNC also reiterated their earlier representations where they have stated that their land will not be allowed to be alienated to appeasement policy in favor of a particular community(s).

“The government of India must note that the following districts and areas belonging to the Nagas must not be allowed to be bifurcated or alienated at any cost,” it stated. “The undivided Senapati District, Ukhrul District, Chandel District, Tamenglong District and Churachandpur District that includes areas of the so called newly created districts of Kamjong, Kangpokpi, Tegnoupal, Noney and pherzawl,” it added.

The UNC further urged the Prime Minister to expedite the peace process for the logical conclusion of the longest Indo-Naga political conflict based on the 3rd August 2015 Framework Agreement.

“The signing of the Framework Agreement by the two entities i.e. the Government of India and NSCN on the principle of shared sovereignty still lingers with a positive note in the hearts of the Nagas but devastated on seeing that no tangible solution has been reached after a lapse of almost nine years. Recognizing the sanctity of Naga national Flag and Constitution by the Government of India is prerequisite for a significant progression in the peace negotiation,” stated the UNC.

The UNC emphasized that the flag signifies the most sacred symbol of the Naga peoplehood and the constitution remains as their guiding principles that outline their way forward with mutual respect not only within but amongst nations.

“Hence, both our flag and constitution must be given its rightful place of honour with high regards by all concerns. The spirit of the framework agreement succinctly emphasized the position of the Nagas in relation to Government of India and as such a solution must be formulated accordingly,” the UNC added.

The UNC President NG.Lorho and General Secretary Vareiyo Shatsang in the letter urged the Prime Minister to intervene and settle the Indo- Naga political Issue once and for all.

“Resolving the Indo-Naga issue will go a long way for peace and progress in the North East. We wish you good health and success,” it added.

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