Unity is Naga people’s only strength: Kaito

Sentilong Longkumer | Akhoya | January 19


G Kaito Aye


Nagaland Minister of Agriculture and Cooperation, G. Kaito Aye speaking as the chief guest at the morning session of the second day of the 69th Ao Students’ Conference (AKM) in Akhoya, on behalf of the Nagaland Chief Minister, stated that AKM, along with elders, communities, NGOs, and legislators, can make a significant impact in society as today’s students are the leaders of tomorrow.


He stated that Naga society today is fragmented and asked the Naga student community to join together and cultivate togetherness, noting that unity is the Nagas’ only strength.


Aye emphasized that the Ao community has been in the forefront of several sectors such as education and religion, and asked them to continue the growth and embrace a Christian way of life.
Kegwayhun Tep, President of the Naga Students’ Federation (NSF), stated that “Ao Nagas have always stayed at the vanguard in upholding Naga identity, be it political, educational, social, and cultural,” adding that AKM has been a critical cornerstone since the NSF’s foundation.


Chingmak Chang, President of the Eastern Naga Students Federation (ENSF), challenged the students to preserve the ancestors’ past triumphs and be torch bearers of the Naga Society in order to bridge the gap between the Nagas of “the east and the west.”


During the morning session, AKM Educational Promotional Trust Awards were presented to Samenba Longkumer, Longsa from Tetso College during the year of commerce 2020; Imkongkumla Ozukum, Mongsenyimti from Unity College during the year of arts 2021; and Imkongwapang, Lakhuni from Immanuel College during the year of science 2022. The program also saw the release of the Souvenir book and unveiling of the celebrations monument.


Earlier, Nungdokyanger Ao, President, AKM gave the presidential address while Chubawati Longchar, President, Ao Senden delivered a brief exhortation.


During the workshop session, Sharingain Longkumer, Nagaland Legislative Assembly Speaker during his exhortation said that AKM as an organization has achieved many successes and accolades since the inception of the organization.


He went on to say that through the labour of the founding members and successive leaders that have led the AKM has resulted in many of their young succeeding in diverse professions.
“AKM remains as a beacon of hope for preservation of our cultural identity among the young and for persevering in the welfare of the students and nurturing the young talents into future leaders in diverse professions,” he said.


Touching on the theme, according to him, the theme defines as a pursuit towards a purposeful education. He went on to add that, one cannot be termed educated based just on his ability to read and write but that for one to be educated takes an eternity and claimed that he himself is a student of education in progress.


Longkumer informed that AKM still stands as the only students’ organization to have an establishment that brings information in the form of the newspaper Ao Milen and an institution that relates with the subjects and curriculums of life in the form of the Mokokchung Law College.


Earlier, Nokchasashi, Deputy Commissioner, Tuensang gave a brief exhortation and S. Arenla Longkumer, President, Watsü Mungdang shared a greeting message. Resource persons Er Moa Aier, Engineer-in-Chief, Department of Power, Nagaland and Er Atoba Longkumer, Engineer & Technology Entrepreneur, Founder, Tabernacle – the Go-to-Software for Churches, spoke on the theme “Education in Praxis” which was moderated by Limasenla Jamir, Assistant Professor, Fazl Ali College.


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